Monday, August 27, 2012

Under the Sink Organization

I hate it when I do this but I forgot to take a "before" picture. I was so excited to install our new sliding drawer thing, I just jumped right into pulling everything out and forgot to take a shot of the messy, gross, unorganized catastrophe we had going on under the sink.

But here are the lovely finished product pics. We got this smaller recycling bin that fits great in the small space under the sink. We just dump it out into the larger recycling bin throughout the week that we keep on the back deck. 

This basket came from bed bath and beyond and is perfect for those long skinny boxes of kitchen goodies  and also for stray bags who have lost their home. 

Then here is the fancy-schmancy rollout basket thing we got at The Container Store. It was on sale for $35 which may seem like a lot for a metal basket but it is oh so handy and made super sturdy. I think it was worth every penny! 

One more shot of the star of the under the sink organization project!

 I've found that something as simple and easy as spending a little money and time organizing a small space like this can make a big impact in the ease of your day. I now know exactly where everything is under there and no more reaching in the back for the windex and knocking 10 other cleaning bottles down. 

Happy organizing! 

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