Monday, May 14, 2012

Container store AKA Heaven on Earth

For my 24th birthday, my sweet wonderful husband took me shopping for a whole day! I'm not talking about an afternoon or a few hours, no I'm talking about leaving out at 9:00 am and getting back home at 2:00 am. This says a lot because he hates shopping. Haha. But he loves me and he told me we could do whatever I wanted for the day the Saturday before my birthday. 

And thanks to my ever-so-adicting pinterest love, and my inspiration for my closet board, I have been itching to update my wardrobe for some time now. Lucky for me, our families pretty much all sent cold hard cash for my birthday, so needless to say my shopping day was a great success!

So all that leads me to telling you about the the container store. I have heard stories of this place from friends who have been. I knew it was going to be good but it far exceeded my expectations. Now before you go start feeling sorry for Skot, I will tell you that he used my 2 hour container store experience to get a power nap out in the car. So it was good for everyone! 

So basically like this post's title states: it was Heaven on earth. (probably only to those of us who are obsessed with organizing but I think there's something for everyone in this store).

There's lots of great displays like this one with ideas of how to use the products they sell. What a great marketing tool because I definitely saw things like this and was like "Oh my goodness I NEED my closet to be more organized!" ha. 

The store is super organized too (go figure). it is arranged into sections according to what area of the house you would use the items in. They had office, gift wrapping, bathroom, kitchen, closet, garage, and laundry sections. They also had just a big area with lots of general containers. As sad as this truth is... I could seriously spend thousands of dollars in this store. But, I contained myself and just got things I felt like I couldn't live with out. (did you catch the pun harf harf). I'll post pictures soon of some of the items I got on this trip. 

I thought these little jars were just darling. They would be great for small kitchen items like toothpicks. 

They had your basic white and clear containers. Then they also had fun bright containers too. This would be perfect for organizing a kids room. 

I thought this was super awesome and handy. I can't wait until we hopefully one day build a house. I'm going to get them to install handy gadgets like this everywhere!

This was an isle in the office section. See all the bright and pretty colors!

Oh what a happy day! 
I hope that I somewhat got across all the greatness this store has to offer.

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