Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Not?

Grab a few margaritas on a day off to have with take out Mexican food for lunch?

Sit on the deck and get caught up on all the great magazines you've been getting?

Take a spur of the moment hike with (wo)man's best friend on a beautiful summer day?

I've been doing some people watching lately and it seems that so many people are in a constant state of frantic rush. It really makes me wonder if they even know/remember how to relax. 

Now, don't get me wrong… I understand that everyone has things to do that must get done and at times these mandatory things-to-do are best when done in a rushed fashion. But to me, once these things get done (or even if they don't) there needs to be a time to relax and recoup.

I think some people just make themselves busy. They constantly feel that theres something to be done and can't stop or slow down until every last thing is checked off. (news flash: EVERYTHING will NEVER be completely done) My personal opinion is that this is simply not good for your mental health. Your body and mind needs time to recharge and relax. I feel that I am a much happier and peaceful person when I take time out (even its just for 30 min) to rest and do something that I WANT to do not HAVE to do. 

Sure I could be painting our refurbished barn wood headboard right now or cleaning the office or making the chicken salad for our dinner tonight but those things can be done another hour … or another day for that matter. Right now I am lounging on our deck we have worked so hard to fix up for summer, under our big red umbrella, sipping a margarita with the animals resting at my feet, and enjoying this beautiful summer day. In about 20 min. I will be back at it again, finishing my day's to-do's

 but for now I am relaxing. 

So why not put down that list for awhile and go do something for yourself. You could splurge and book yourself a spa day or simply a $10 manicure. You could go for a walk some place you have never been and enjoy the change of scenery. You could go to the local farmers market and sample the fresh local goodies. The list goes on and on of things you could do to relax for a bit. So whatever you choose just make sure its for you. Think of it as a free visit to the doctor's office to improve your mental health.

Happy Relxin' Y'all! 

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