Friday, June 8, 2012


I went to the greatest and biggest antique store that I have ever been to with my friend Allison a few weeks back. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with her and her sweet son Finn! We found some really awesome things at even more awesome prices!! Check out some of the treasures I found!

Authentic Johnson City, TN Tri-City beverage company crate Originally $16.00 on sale for 20% off so got it for $12.80!!!

Milk Glass Vase $1.00

Antique wash tub AKA my new baby photo shoot prop $5.99

Vintage 1968 serve tray $4 and some change!

Baby Blue antique lamp base (need to find a shade) $5.00
Very beautiful antique tray $1.00!! Maybe my favorite find of the day!

ok so I lied THIS is my favorite find of the day… this awesomely handy storage stand thing.
I unscrewed all the screws, painted it white, and then went back and made it look antique by using a dry brush and grey paint. I love it!!! We did have a TV stand tray thing here with a wicker basket under it, filled with a bunch of junk … not cute… now we have this great, clean looking space that is super functional!

Bonus Pic: Allison cooling off sweet Finn in the antique store. He is the best baby around! Check out Allison's super awesome blog here

Happy Friday!


  1. I love that picture! My favs are the white metal tray and that milkglass cute!!! Let's go again sometime soon when I have money :)!

  2. Such great finds!!! Which store was it?

  3. I want the crate table your lamp is sitting on. I'm guessing you made that. It's adorable!

  4. Amy: It's from the big one in Elizabethton.

    Lauren: Its actually from an antique store also… I've seen quite a few old crates while out antiquing lately so maybe look around at some in Bham. I just hot glued fabric to the end to make it more put together… hope this helps! Thanks for looking at my blog :-)


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