Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Bathroom Update

Awhile back I updated my bathroom with a fresh new look. I have enjoyed the new colors and style so much I decided to give our guest bathroom a facelift too. 

Above is my idea board for the bathroom. I wanted to get rid of the brown and introduce creams and light grays. I also wanted to find stylish and functional pieces used for storage. 

Here is the before pictures… I didn't even bother cleaning before I took them. In all the magazines and TV shows you see before and after pictures they never clean up for the before pics… and I just didn't feel like straightening up when I took these hehe. 

See all the dark browns and that very small brown wicker basket used to store wash cloths… not good. 

TaDa! Fresh, Clean, Airy, and Functional!

Here's the key players…. West Elm hand towel $10.00

Wire baskets from T.J. Maxx $9.99 each

Barn-wood shelf: wood = free…. brackets: $1.99 each Ikea

Ikea storage boxes $4.99 for 2

West Elm  Toothbrush Holder and soap holder on sale for $5.99 each 

Ikea gray Bath Towels and Washcloths  $3.99 (each towel) $2.99 (for a set of 4 cloths)

White Rug Ikea $9.99

So total we're looking at roughly $75! That's not bad for a compete room makeover. I used elsewhere/crafted/upcycled some of the items I took out of the "before" bathroom and some stuff we added to the "garage sale" pile. 

I love stores like Ikea that make changing your mind on room styles affordable and easy to fix. Then there's also great stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Anthropology that make splurging on statement items worth it with all their fabulous products! 

Now who's gonna be our first guest to try out the new bathroom? Anyone need a vacation to East Tennessee? 

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  1. I love the TJ MAXX wire baskets on the DIY shelf! Looks great!


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