Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bathroom Update

This is the end product of a little elbow grease and around $20
Pretty nice hu?

Ok so this not-so-my-style-anymore wall art was on my bathroom walls. The "theme" i guess if it had one was "Persian girly-girl"  … totally just made that name up. Ha

So I ripped off the paper off the back and found this… Then I pried off the staples in the frame and then I was able to take out the glass and pictures. 

I gave them a good coat of white spray paint as a primer. 

Then painted them with this fabulous Martha Stewart paint from Michael's.  I love her paint line, and organizing, and baking…. (seriously when is Martha going to contact me and start paying me for all this advertising) 

Then, I just hot glued fabric onto the original cardboard backing and now I have these beauties! note: I was originally going to put the glass back in too but I managed to not only step on one but both of the pieces. Oh well. It doesn't make that much of a difference.

this is what the jewelry holder started out as. Its cute but as you know I'm kinda obsessed with my chalkboard paint so i decided to paint it the same color as the new wall art and make it into a chalkboard! 


Using the same fabric that I framed, I just sewed a rectangular piece right on to a cheapo Wal-Mart towel and now it looks fancy hu?

Last finishing touch, I went to Lowe's and bought this white shelf and some brackets.  (I always feel like a total idiot in that store, I feel like those old men who work there see me coming and think "Oh Lord, What is she going to try to describe and then make me run all over the store looking for something she doesn't know the name of today.") 

I've been collecting these cute jars from yard sales and thrift stores over the last year. They're perfect for storing bathroom essentials. I also wanted to sit out my fastly growing essie nail polish collection. I love painting my finger and toenails, now I can easily pick out what color I'm in the mood for without digging under the counter. 1st world problem I know….. 

I hope that I have inspired you to use what you already have in your house and update it to fit your new style! It's a very green way to decorate and cheap :-)

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