Thursday, March 29, 2012


I just love going to the Goodwill store. I always find the best kitchen nicknacks. I also find some great decorating things to remake. One of my favorite things to find are the antique looking frames. Give those things a fresh white coat of spray paint and it looks like you spent $40 at a boutique-type store. 

 On this particular day I found these cute coffee mugs (never can have to many coffee cups). They were 97 cents each! whoohooo

Then I also snagged this vintage looking juice container. I gave it a good soak in warm soapy water and the blue writing on the front came right off. This is what its doing now in my fridge….

Doesn't it look nice in there!

If you've never stopped in a thrift store, you should try it out. Some days are better than others but half the fun is the thrill of the hunt!

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