Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Wedding Gift Tub

First of all I want to apologize for the quality of these pictures… I was too lazy to go get my big camera so I used my iPhone… SORRY! but you get the idea from these pictures….

I bought this beverage tin from Target last summer (shows how long ago I should have done this post) Then used my cricut to cut out this quatrefoil shape out of vinyl to be my stencil. Once the outline of the quatrefoil was attached I simply used chalkboard paint to fill in the empty space. I gave it a few really good coats and let it completely dry before I removed the vinyl. 

Then I filled it with all sorts of goodies the sweet couple register for and TA-DA a cute practical wedding gift they can use to host parties and store things in at home! 

After I made this for my friend, I resisted the urge to go get another tin for myself.  I already have a lime green beverage dispenser… but I loved the simple tin color with the chalkboard! Simple and classic, don't ya think?


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