Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beauty Favorites

In the past year I have been introduced to how fun makeup can be and some really great products. Before this revelation, my make up routine used to be super basic. It consisted of a little drug store concealer, Clinique sample eye shadow and mascara, and a little blush.  Now I’m using an eye shadow primer, mineral powder, and all sorts of fun stuff.

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty finds over the last year. From left to right top to bottom we have…

1. Simple brand make up removal wipes. So convenient for when you don’t want to wash your face and get water all over the place. Also super great for camping!

2. This fabulous blush-bronzer combo by benefit called sugarbomb. It’s a perfect combination of pink and bronze

3. Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara. This crap stays on forever. For the first time in my life I have to use eye makeup remover because it is so waterproof. Combine this with an eyelash curler and you can’t not have fabulous eyelashes.

4. Bare Minerals foundation powder, I’ve never been big on foundation. I feel like it usually cakes on and makes me feel claustrophobic (if that’s possible from face makeup) But this foundation powder is super light and provides just a hint of coverage. LOVE IT!

5. Ok so this was the 1st time I ever “splurged” on make up. It was on urban decay’s Naked 2 eye shadow palette. The colors are very neutral and pretty. It stays put all day, especially if you use it with urban decay’s eye shadow primer. It was sorta expensive for make up but well worth it because I am sure I will be using it for the next 5 years.

6. Benefit’s POREfessional is on my list because it is like nothing else I have ever rubbed on my skin. I’m not sure what it is made of but it feels like silk when you rub it in. I use it on my chin and the in the creases of where my nose meets my face.  (I’m sure there is a medical term for this area but my years of anatomy have escaped me) It just makes the powder foundation go on even better.

7. Then lastly I have found this fun little stuff called High Beam also by benefit. Its kinda weird at first because you literally paint it on the your cheek bones before you put on blush. Then I use my finger to rub it in. It just gives you a little light shine and makes you “glow” a little.

So there you have it, my favorite makeup finds in the last year. I am so glad I opened up to try new things on my face because now (when I am not running late) I actually enjoy putting on make up. Before it was just a mundane task to make me not look like I’ve been drug behind a tractor in the mornings.  If you're in a make up rut you should try one of these fabulous products! 

<Note: Sephora is not paying me to write this post> ha!

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  1. I feel the same way about foundation! I use Bare Minerals, too...when I actually use some! :)


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