Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bedroom Update

Seems like all the rooms in our home are getting an update here lately. So not to be left out… here's the bedroom's facelift!

This is the before pictures. I've had this bed frame forever. Skot hated it because his feet hit the footboard. So I knew when I started tossing around ideas for the bedroom, the bed had to go.


We decided to take the top of our old dinning room table and turn it into a headboard. The tabletop has sentimental value too. When we got home from our honeymoon, Skot had surprised me with it as a wedding gift. I had been eyeing a barn wood style table at Pier 1 for a few months before we got married, but being broke newly weds, buying a house and all we decided to wait on the $800 table haha. Skot went and took pictures of the table and recreated it with real barn wood and legs he found at an antique store. It looked almost identical to the Pier 1 table, and the thought, effort, energy, and love behind the wedding gift from my new husband was so so sweet! Much better than the store one! 

So needless to say the table couldn't go! Now it just has a fresh coat of paint and has a fabulous new purpose in our home. (tutorial on how to paint things to give it the"distressed" look, coming soon!) 

I bought the elephant and chevron fabric off amazon and just covered our old pillows. I've been seeing pillows like these go for around $50 each on websites I follow!! All the fabric cost about $25 and i still have some left over. I see some cute travel bags being made in the near future :-)

I found this grey and white striped duvet at target for a steal of around $30. It came with pillow covers too! Much cheaper than the West Elm one I was thinking about buying.

I think the string lights (also from target) just set the room off! the right lighting gives any space the perfect finishing touch. I found these in the outdoor/patio section.

I gave our existing shelves a fresh coat of paint. I have been buying the sample size of paint from Lowe's for projects like these here lately. That way I can pick out the exact color I want and it is good quality paint. It runs about $3.00 per sample, and its more than enough to complete projects like this.

I recruited my milk glass vases that I have collected from thrift and antique stores over the years. I love how simple and clean milk glass is. 

Found this great mirror from TJ Maxx. I love it! 

Gave the lamp a few coats of white spray paint. I didn't prime it before (i get impatient with things like this) which made it kind of bubble up but I ended up kind of liking the texture. Then I just used the left over pillow fabric and covered the shade. I like elephants a lot :-) Roll Tide!

We love the new bedroom update. Now I wish I could just lay in bed forever and enjoy it!

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