Thursday, May 3, 2012

SMASH* Journaling

So if you haven't heard of SMASH books yet, here's how I've been describing them… If journaling and scrapbooking had a wonderfully creative baby it would be a SMASH book!

You pretty much pick out a book with a theme that best suits your personality and the things you will be documenting in the book. I choose the eco version. The theme determines what colors/types of paper are in the book. So mine has a lot of earth tones, trees, and flowers.

These pictures are from my friend Emily's SMASH book. She is the fabulous & crafty friend who introduced me to them. They sell all kinds of cute accessories to go with the books like this cute polka-dot tape Emily has. They sell the books and accessories at Michael's and Target! (download the Michael's App and get weekly coupons so you get a steal on your goodies!)

These calendar pockets are super fun! I copied Emily's idea of writing down all the fun events throughout the months. She also had the great idea of printing out her instagram pictures using the contact format in iPhoto. 

These are great for beginners who want to scrapbook but get intimidated by how big of a project they are. But they are equally great for veteran scrapbookers <cough, cough> who may be getting tired of the same ol' thing or don't have time to scrapbook any more. 

I think these are great! check them out and I think you will too!


  1. Maybe a trip to Michael's is in order today...


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