Saturday, March 24, 2012

Onesie Tutorial

I have a handful of sweet friends who are either pregnant or have babies right now so these were are great craft to learn to do.  They were super easy! A sewing machine is optional too, so this would be a fabulous project if you're wanting to do a fabric-clothing-type craft but  don't have one yet!

So here's what you need….

1. Iron on adhesive. This is what mine looked like from Hancock but they sale a different brand at Wal-Mart. 

2. Onesies … got these from TjMaxx
3. Fabric… I used seersucker pink :-) It doesn't take much. If you don't have scraps laying around, I would buy about 1/4 yard for 5 onesies.

1st: Iron the adhesive side to the BACK of your fabric

2nd: Make some templates… I used my cricut to make mine. You could also print images and just cut them out.

3rd:  Trace your image onto the paper side of your adhesive paper (note: if you're doing letters remember to trace and cut them out flip-flopped.

4th: Cut them out

5th: I didn't take a picture but you have to peel off the adhesive paper from your fabric . Then the back of your fabric will have the adhesive on it.

6th: Iron your fabric with sticky side down on the onesie

7th: To finish it off you have to sew around the fabric so that it won't come off in the washer. You can do this by hand with just a needle and thread, or use a sewing machine. 

and there you have it! Cute, personalized outfits for the sweet babies in your life! 

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